Australia is Changing. Is Your Marketing Imagery Keeping Up With Our Multiculturalism?

Australian muslim girl of African heritage wearing hijab and looking at distance while holding a surfboard
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What do you do when you need new imagery to portray modern day Australia? Send out a call to Australia’s community of real-word photographers to shoot what’s around them – and here are the stunning results.

Authenticity, diversity, celebration, success – these were all words that Getty Images used to inspire Canon photographers who got involved with their ‘This is Australia’ collection.

Part of the goal was to refocus Australian images used in media and marketing to capture our ethnic diversity.

One of the four photographer briefs of the ‘This is Australia‘ collection was titled “Multicultural Australia: A day in the life”. The aim was to capture an authentic slice of Australian modern lifestyles and everyday scenarios that reflect the diversity of our population.

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The photographers were warned to avoid clichés and look for the inclusivity in everyday Australian life: mixed-race families, ethnically diverse friendship circles, and to capture the culture and traditions of everyday Australia.

And boy did they deliver.

With the encouragement of the brief, the participants reached out to their family and friends in order to create beautifully candid shots. Amongst them are images of an ethnically diverse local group pottering in a community garden in Inner West Sydney, Indigenous Australian family at home, mixed-race young adults picnicking in a park with a pug running around, a muslim surfer taking to the waves in Perth and many more.

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The photos, through a combination of produced shoots and crowd-sourcing, perfectly capture the “fly on the wall” style many marketers are looking for, catching real-life Australian moments as they happen.

Through this project, Getty Images and Canon are calling on brands to change the stereotype of what Australia looks like, and to work more consciously to include representations of our diverse population.

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The top 100 images can be viewed here, where you can see all of the kinds of diversity that Australia has to offer frozen in little moments within their own lives.

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