Aussies Not In The Big Cities Want Local News

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Not everyone lives in one of the many big cities around Australia, and those out in the smaller to mid-size towns want news more tailored towards them, according to Roy Morgan.

The new study from the research company shows that no matter what time of day, just more than half (51 per cent) said local news was what they wanted to hear across the week.

And those in the big cities are generally the less concerned about local news, 46 per cent in Sydney, 47 per cent in Melbourne, 50 per cent in Brisbane, 53 per cent in Perth and Canberra and 54 per cent in Adelaide.

However good ol’ Tassie capital Hobart had 64 per cent of the residents desiring local news.

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“These mid-sized places represent a space between city and rural that is often misunderstood, or even unacknowledged, by marketers,” said Michele Levine, CEO of Roy Morgan Research.

“These towns represent a worthwhile potential market for Australian and international businesses looking to expand beyond a competitive, city-centric view and capitalise on owning smaller markets. But to do this, you first need to understand them deeper than simply as ‘non-capital-city’ residents.”

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