Aussie Weather Report Pranked By ‘Huge Penis’ Meme

Aussie Weather Report Pranked By ‘Huge Penis’ Meme

Let’s face it, your typical TV weather report isn’t all that interesting, however, they do enable members of the viewing public to find a brief spot of on-air fame by sending in photos and videos of weather patterns in their area to pad out the typically tedious five-minutes of television.

However, WIN News in Ballarat in Victoria might be rethinking the whole “viewer contribution” thing after its evening meterological report got pranked on Wednesday evening.

One clever viewer had PhotoShopped an apparent image of a porn star with, let’s not guild the lilly, a massive appendage to look like a massive thunderstorm and lightening strike.

Check it out below:

Apparently, the raunchy cloud cover is based on the image of this rather well-endowed adult film star below. The “actor’s” name is Wardy Joubert III (stage name “Wood”) who, sadly, died of a heart attack in 2016 aged just 45.

Quickly realising it had been pranked, WIN officials soon deleted the video from its social media pages. However, it was all a little too late as viewers had already moved the footage online.

Thankfully, most people saw the funny side.

“TBH I think it’s easy to miss given that @WIN_TV produces so many news bulletins – and it gave us all a laugh so not complaning!” tweeted one.

While others were upset it wasn’t actually Mother Nature at play: “Seeing in the comments that this is likely edited and not just an incredibly beautiful natural coincidence, as I had naively taken it to be, is heartbreaking.”

Another wag suggested it would be “quite the downpour”. While another felt for the unnamed culprit who uploaded the clip: “Someone’s about to lose their job and we need to start a gofundme for them immediately,” they tweeted in support.








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