Aussie Consumers Be Warned: Hoverboards Are A Fire Hazard

Aussie Consumers Be Warned: Hoverboards Are A Fire Hazard

Consumer advocacy group CHOICE has released a warning to hoverboard owners not to overcharge their devices because some units pose a fire hazard.

After Lexus released footage of a hoverboard prototype,  the battery-powered skateboards have been Christmas dreams for big kids and little kids alike. But CHOICE warns hoverboards could be a fire hazard when left on charge unattended. 

Most hoverboard manuals warn users not to leave the board unattended or leave the battery on charge for more than three hours. Last month in the UK, a hoverboard caused a fire in the kitchen where the resident said it exploded “like a firework” resulting in more than $50,000 of damage. 

Choice head of media, Tom Godfrey said: “While hoverboards might look more like something out of a science fiction film, the fire risk from overcharging the units is very real. We are aware of a number of overseas reports of hoverboards catching fire while charging with incidents being reported in Hong Kong, England and United States.

“Although some hoverboards carry warnings about overcharging in their manuals, it’s important to ensure you charge the device as directed. Don’t put it on to charge and forget about it. It is important to unplug the device from the wall socket when fully charged.

“It’s also worth noting before rushing to buy one of these futuristic products for Christmas that hoverboards are only allowed on paths or public land in Queensland, the Northern Territory and Tasmania.”

“After all, the last thing you want for Christmas is an overheating hoverboard or a fine.”

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