Audience Precision The First To Sign With Prof. Karen Nelson-Field’s Amplified Intelligence

Audience Precision The First To Sign With Prof. Karen Nelson-Field’s Amplified Intelligence

Media strategy consultancy and technology business Audience Precision today announced that it is the first to sign with Amplified Intelligence Technologies to incorporate its new attention media planning tool, attentionTRACE Media Planner, as another intelligent layer in its strategy suite.

attentionTRACE Media Planner is a world first AI-based media planning tool using active ‘eyes-on-ad’ human attention data across digital, social and television for media planning.

Developed by Amplified Intelligence Technologies, the media research and technology company founded by Dr Karen Nelson-Field, attentionTRACE was created on the premise that attention is the missing ‘relative quality’ layer in media planning.

The planning tool shuns meaningless and non-universal metrics, such as shares, likes, followers and traditional ‘opportunity to see’ (OTS), and instead introduces a ‘unit pricing code’ that defines a universal unit of measure, known as an ‘Active Attention Second CPM’ (aaCPM), and calculates its relative cost per thousand views. 

Using third-party data, it informs media planners and advertisers whether attention-based performance differences across platforms are accounted for by cost and then calculates a value-based spend proportion.

Audience Precision is Amplified Intelligence’s first customer partner and the consultancy continues to lead the industry with media planning solutions.

Audience Precision global CEO Haydon Bray said: “attentionTRACE  is a very powerful quality measure of ‘attention’ for comparing video media platforms.

“We are looking at incorporating this as an additional layer on top of our DNA audience segments offering. Audience Precision is known for rewriting the rule book, and as thought leaders, we are working together to continually improve the impact, connection and attention of media budgets and to stay ahead of the curve.

“We’re excited to see what the combination of attentionTRACE and our proprietary tools can bring to our clients.”

Professor Nelson-Field said: “I am delighted that Audience Precision has signed up as our very first customer, globally, for the attentionTRACE Media Planner.

“They understand the current technical and structural flaws in the media ecosystem, which is why they were so quick to choose an attention-based media planner to inform truly effective media strategies for their clients.

“Traditional OTS tells us nothing of whether an ad has been viewed and attention has quickly risen to the surface as a hopeful metric to shine a light on effectiveness in our industry. It’s pretty straightforward, no attention means no ad impact.

“Collected human attention is a measure that transcends all other mediating variables like viewability and sound. This means that measuring human attention negates the need to separately measure the things that drive it.”

Audience Precision’s model is based on three key pillars:

  • DNA, which has more than 60 unique audience segments based on consumer lifestyle, psychographics and behavioural patterns, to find potential customers and what drives their purchasing behaviour and media consumption choices
  • Precise360, which builds media strategies four times faster than a standard agency approach to deliver precise targeting to potential customers, and
  • Activation & Analytics, which buys media and reports campaign performance against the DNA segments.

Audience Precision has the ability to measure digital, social and traditional media against any individual audience segment for the first time.

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