Ashley Madison Unveils Feminist Merch Aiming To Bridge The Gap Between Male & Female Pleasure

Ashley Madison Unveils Feminist Merch Aiming To Bridge The Gap Between Male & Female Pleasure

The dating website for married people, Ashley Madison, has partnered with love, sex and life coach, Shelby Sells to release its own merchandise. Why not buy a hat to go with your adultery?

The collaboration follows on from Ashley Madison’s rebranding as more female-focused and features empowering slogans like, “More orgasms” to “My pleasure” to “Go down or go home,” available on T-shirts, caps, phone cases, and more.

The new merchandise was inspired by a recent member survey. Ashley Madison found that while 43 per cent of men say their primary partner reaches orgasm every time they have sex, only 18 per cent of women can attest to that.

The survey also found the when it comes to addressing this only 65 per cent of women are comfortable addressing sexual issues with their partners. Meanwhile, 59 per cent of women report rarely or never receiving oral sex from their partner.  

The merchandise aims to raise awareness about prioritising female pleasure. So far the merch is only available in Canada and America. But, globally, Australia ranks in the top 10 countries for the most philanderers, (we come in at 6), so merch could be in Australia’s future.

Isabella Mise, Ashley Madison’s director of communications, said: “We’re excited to have Shelby join forces with us to bring attention to the fact some women still aren’t comfortable talking to their partner about what they like in bed, and those who are comfortable are often left hanging.

“Our collaboration and the products that have come of it aim to spark those conversations and empower women to prioritize their sexual satisfaction.”

Sells said: “A lot of what dictates our understanding of and experience with sex as adults is the sexual education we receive when we’re young.

“According to this survey, 49 per cent of men compared to 29 per cent of women say pornography was a primary source of sex ed, but we know historically, a lot of porn has been portrayed through the male gaze and hasn’t always captured the true nature of female pleasure.”

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