ASB Rules The Latest XXXX Pale Ale Ad Doesn’t Promote Arson

ASB Rules The Latest XXXX Pale Ale Ad Doesn’t Promote Arson

The Advertising Standards Board (ASB) has ruled in favour of Lion, the alcohol company behind XXXX Gold, that the ad for XXXX Pale Ale doesn’t promote the idea that drinking beer is more important than putting out a BBQ fire.

People submitted complaints to the ASB: “The advertisement shown implied that it is safe and a better choice to be drinking this alcohol beverage than to attend to a BBQ that had caught alight. It also suggested that this alcohol beverage contributes to a person being so relaxed that this person can leave a BBQ fire to continue to burn and not have to act to regain control of this fire.

“It does not appear to consider the impact of this type of accidental fire that can occur, precisely when people are engaging in such an activity which usually occurs on weekends or celebrations or gatherings where alcohol is typically consumed. The advertisement should not imply that fire safety is less important than drinking XXXX Pale Ale beer.”

Check out the ad below and see what you think:

In response to the complaints Lion argued: “At no point is anyone at risk of being burnt or hurt by the BBQ. The meat flare up is clearly positioned as a typical BBQ experience and causes no panic from the main character tending to the meat or among guests – everyone continues socialising as before.

“At no point is it suggested the meat flare up could escalate into a fire or that fire safety is not important or not taken seriously.

“No irresponsible or excessive consumption is depicted.”

In its ruling the ASB “expressed concern that the advertisement did not show the man attempt to extinguish the fire safely but considered that the lack of danger and the overall laid-back and humorous tone of the advertisement lessens the impact of the potentially unsafe behaviour and in the Board’s view the advertisement does not encourage or condone unsafe behaviour with regards to fire safety.”

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