Apple To Jump On Music Streaming Bandwagon With New Launch

Apple To Jump On Music Streaming Bandwagon With New Launch

Tech giant Apple is reportedly revving itself up to release a new music streaming service to compete with the already saturated music streaming market place.

With dropping download sales on iTunes, The Wall Street Journal has suggested the behemoth is trying to get consumers to change they way they listen to and consume music.

According to the WSJ, Apple sells up to 85 per cent of music downloads globally, however that number is nothing compared the vast array of music streamed through a plethora of platforms.

Detailing the new offering, Apple Music is suggested costing $10 a month and will only make a few songs free to listen to, whereas many of its competitors such as Spotify offer an ad-supported free service to consumers.

The company is expected to launch the new offering, Apple Music at its WWDC conference event early June.

While not conclusive whether this offering will be available around the world, if it were to launch in Australia it would join many other services in what head of Rdio’s marketing Colin Blake says is the most competitive in the world.

The clutter already evident in our marketplace sees Aussies wondering where to the put the cash and into what service.

“Certainly that clutter and that saturation affects the thing moving forward, or affects the opportunities moving forward, because the more cluttered it is the more confusion that can be caused for the consumer,” he told B&T.

“For Australia in particular there are bunch of things here that contribute to us not getting to that point faster or sooner than we like.”


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