Anti-Brexiteer Gatecrashes Live TV Report To Offer Frank & Honest Assessment

Anti-Brexiteer Gatecrashes Live TV Report To Offer Frank & Honest Assessment

As regular readers would know, the massive media coverage given to Brexit by British TV reporters has proven a boon for B&T’s bloopers reel. Check out just some here.

The latest entry into the annals comes from none other than Sky News in Sheffield in the centre of England and features a chap gatecrashing a live report to give his frank and honest views of the political state of the nation.

But better than the man’s angry quip was the TV journalist’s ability to keep her composure and, then, reassure viewers.

Check out the latest nonsense below:

Meanwhile, the UK’s venerable media outlet, the BBC, has been accused of bias in its reporting of the current federal election after it apparently deleted the crowd laughing at a Boris Johnson press conference.

In a leaders’ debate last Friday and broadcast on BBC One, a member of the audience asked Johnson: “How important is it for someone in your position of power to always tell the truth?”

The question was met with applause and laughter as the PM struggled for an answer.

In its initial report the laughter was played, however, it was edited out in a further catch-up iteration.

Following viewer complaints, a BBC spokesperson called the editing a “mistake”.

“This clip from the BBC’s Question Time special, which was played in full on the News at Ten on Friday evening and on other outlets, was shortened for timing reasons on Saturday’s lunchtime bulletin, to edit out a repetitious phrase from Boris Johnson,” the spokesperson said.

“However, in doing so we also edited out laughter from the audience. Although there was absolutely no intention to mislead, we accept that this was a mistake on our part, as it didn’t reflect the full reaction to Boris Johnson’s answer. We did not alter the soundtrack or image in any way apart from this edit, contrary to some claims on social media.”







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