Analysis Ninjas beat out Reporting Squirrels

Analysis Ninjas beat out Reporting Squirrels

It is the work of an “Analysis Ninja” rather than a “Reporting Squirrel” that will help your company transform its data into actionable incentives.

According to a blogpost by Avinash Kaushik, “it is the work the employee does that makes them a Squirrel or a Ninja”.

The post details how many companies are investing in more and more analytical tools to help them gauge all those little details one should know about their company.

However, according to Kaushik, Analysis Ninjas are the pick of the bunch for companies, as they delve into the analytics, making it custom for the company and answering those important business questions.

To help companies on their way, Kaushik has devised a list of 12 signs companies can use to assess whether their company or organisation is “set up for magnificent success”.

#12: Almost all reporting is off custom reports.

#11: Close to zero aggregated analysis exists, everything's segmented.

#10: The KPIs in your DMMM reflect your company size/evolutionary stage.

#9: Your qualitative analysis practice rocks like crazy!

#8: Your Team's DC, DR, DA effort allocation is 15%-20%-65%.

#7: 25% of all analytical effort is dedicated to data visualization/enhancing data's communicative power.

#6: All automated reports are turned off on a random day/week/month each quarter to assess use/value.

#5: 80% of your external consulting spend is focused super-hard analysis problems.

#4: The Analytics/Marketing skills in your Analysis Ninjas is 70/30.

#3. Your organization structure for magic with numbers is: Centralized Decentralization.

#2. The organization functions off a clearly defined Digital Marketing & Measurement Model.

#1. You know what your Return on Analytics is!

For Kaushik’s full post, head here.

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