AnalogFolk Group Invests In Community-Based Content Company Untold Fable

AnalogFolk Group Invests In Community-Based Content Company Untold Fable

AnalogFolk Group has today announced it is investing in Untold Fable. This new global content production company is the world’s first community-based content company to produce both video and audio content via a technology platform that’s home to a curated network of production talent built with diversity at its heart.

Recognising the growth of audio across entertainment and advertising, Untold Fable will not only be home to filmmakers but boast studios, sound designers, sound engineers, composers and voice talent from around the world, assisting brands with their audio identity while communicating with consumers via one of the fastest-growing ad formats in the world.

It is the first community-based production model to be built with diversity at its heart, promising to ensure the makeup of the network reflects the world we live in as well as launching technology features that make connecting with traditionally underrepresented talent from the creative industry much more accessible to clients.

Brands, publishers and agencies will also have the option to measure their D&I statistics across their productions throughout the year, empowering them to put the issue front and center by giving them the data when it comes time to commission talent.

There is an unprecedented growth from brands needing video and audio content – 70% of consumers say they’ve shared a brand’s video, 72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate and 52% of consumers say watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions*. The global audio advertising market was estimated at US$108.128 billion in the year 2019.**

As part of AnalogFolk Group, Untold Fable will also offer clients the added value of tapping into on-demand digital agency services from AnalogFolk.

This joint offering is the first of its kind, designed to provide one entry point for clients into the creativity and efficiencies of a tech-powered production offering and the strategic precision of on-demand creative digital agency services.

These services include strategy, creative and channel planning. Untold Fable will also offer exclusive access to AnalogFolk’s behavioural insights tool.

Leveraging the existing footprint of AnalogFolk Group, Untold Fable will offer clients on-the-ground teams in London, New York, Sydney, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Singapore from day one.

Untold Fable is founded by celebrated entrepreneur Kate Tancred, CEO (pictured left). The company has ten full-time employees and is already in production on three content deals.

Kate Tancred, CEO of Untold Fable said, “I spent the last 10 years driving the efficiencies and creativity of a tech-powered production offering.

Untold Fable expands on that model by connecting clients with a curated network of diverse, award-winning talent and layering over digital creative services from one of the most celebrated independent digital agencies in the world. Combining these offerings enables us to produce audio and video content in a way that the industry is yet to experience.”

Bill Brock, Founder & Chief Client Officer of AnalogFolk Group said, “AnalogFolk’s mission is to use digital to make the analog world better. Since 2008, we’ve focused on delivering it through progressive creative agency services.

With the launch of Untold Fable, we not only diversify the group’s offering, we break exciting new ground on this enduring mission. We’re leveraging the power of technology to make it easier than ever before for brands and publishers to work with a more diverse talent pool.”

The meaning of the name is two-fold. Untold strikes a confident, positive note about the rich content opportunities the company will help brands identify and then communicate to their audiences. It also speaks about the exciting potential of the diverse voices and perspectives it will connect brands with. These sentiments, paired with Fable, are reflected in the company’s maxim – The Future of Meaningful Storytelling.

AnalogFolk Group is a majority shareholder of Untold Fable. AnalogFolk Group will run its specialist brands – AnalogFolk, Untold Fable and Serum – as stand-alone businesses.

Untold Fable is AnalogFolk’s second significant investment as Guy Wieynk, Global CEO of AnalogFolk Group, continues to execute his vision for the Group.

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