Brings Influencer Marketing To Small And Medium-Sized Businesses Brings Influencer Marketing To Small And Medium-Sized Businesses

Influencer marketing platform,, has kicked off in a big way today, making it possible for small to medium-sized businesses with small or no budgets to create scalable social media marketing campaigns by targeting influencers on Instagram with local audiences, specific interests and high engagement, through a unique metric called Active Reach.

The team at created the platform after seeing increasing interest on BrandData from smaller businesses seeking to harness influencer marketing.

“Our aim with was to make influencer marketing accessible and more flexible for the small to medium-sized business owner,” CEO Georgie Summerhayes said.

“The rise of social media networks like Instagram has had the effect of handing ordinary people a digital soapbox – every day social media personalities who have just as much pull with their followers as celebrities.

“For businesses, this means highly influential advocates for your brand are more accessible than ever – yet the industry has been dominated by major brands with big budgets targeting influencers with massive followings. Accounts with 5,000 or fewer highly engaged and geographically centralised followers have been largely ignored.

“The platform gives every day businesses the right tools to identify and reach the influencers who actually have value to their business; those whose followers are like them, all potential customers in the local area.

“These businesses can now easily identify, vet and engage with influencers who are best suited to their needs, without the big brand budgets.”

Powered with up to the minute insights by BrandData, features verified influencers with audiences from just 1,500 followers who have significant engagement or Active Reach in a specific location. Active Reach is based on total Instagram engagement activities over the previous five days and takes into account any engagement event on an influencer’s post – a like, comment or share.

The idea promotes a campaign model which targets “teams” of influencers, maximising return on investment by harnessing groups of influencers with diverse following bases from 1,500 followers.

The platform also offers businesses access to the support team, as well as guidelines for engagement and suggested rates to begin negotiation.

Rather than post a brief for influencers to respond to, or requiring them to hand over a brief to an agency, puts control in the hands of businesses by providing suggestions based on a search for Active Reach, location and budget, which they are then able to contact directly to discuss, brief and if desired, engage for their campaigns.

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