As Amber’s GoFundMe Flounders, Attack Now Turns To Seven’s Chief Advertisers

As Amber’s GoFundMe Flounders, Attack Now Turns To Seven’s Chief Advertisers

Embattled former Channel Seven employee, Amber Harrison, appears to have decided on a new tact to stave of bankruptcy, apparently writing to Seven’s top advertisers asking them to petition the broadcaster to forgo her debts.

In mid-July Harrison was ordered to pay Seven $200,000 after a judge agreed the unemployed former PA should pay its legal expenses following her well-documented legal stoush following an affair with the company’s CEO, Tim Worner.

Last week, Harrison revealed she was seeking donations from the public via a GoFundMe campaign to help raise the $200,000. However, in 10 days the campaign has limped to a rather dismal 205 donations tallying just $7938, a good $192,000 from her target.

Undeterred, a new post to her GoFundMe page reveals Harrison has written to Seven’s big-spending advertisers, including McDonalds, Chemist Warehouse, Holden, Coles, ALDI, Woolworths and Simplot (whose brands include Birds Eye, Leggo’s and John West), asking them to abandon claims against her.

Harrison wrote on the site: “In the last week I’ve reached out to some of Channel Seven’s key advertising partners to let them know about the looming bankruptcy and the attempts by people like yourself to prevent this bankruptcy for the sake of myself and my foster son.

“I haven’t heard back yet, so if you work for one of these companies you could consider asking your boss to help out. As a customer of these companies, perhaps you’d like to let them know that you think a peaceful resolution would be in the best interests of everyone,” she wrote, before finishing, “The customer is always right.”

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