Amber Harrison’s GoFundMe Campaign Struggles To $7600, As Seven Cops A Lashing

Amber Harrison’s GoFundMe Campaign Struggles To $7600, As Seven Cops A Lashing

Amber Harrison’s GoFundMe may not exactly be pulling in the big bikkies, but if its purpose is also to embarrass Channel Seven then it’s working a treat.

When B&T checked in on the site today, Harrison was still a good $190,000 short of her target as she attempts to pay off her legal bills following her long battle with her former employer and former lover, Seven CEO Tim Worner.

Harrison’s GoFundMe presently stands at $7623 following 195 contributions for members of the public. You can donate to Harrison here.

The account was started a week ago with the aim of raising $200,000 and coincidentally launched on the same day the broadcaster unveiled its full-year results, including a $745 million loss.

The account is called “Amber Harrison – Guilt-Free TV” and urges anyone who’s embarrassed watching Channel Seven following the Worner-Harrison shenanigans to donate as little as one dollar so “Amber could easily pay off Seven, and you could enjoy Seven’s shows, knowing your favourite network didn’t bankrupt anyone”.

But again, its the comments from donors that arguably are giving Harrison more satisfaction. Here’s just some of the gems:

“Channel Seven does NOT make great TV shows. They make swill! Their lack of professionalism and integrity in covering the news makes them a no go if those two things are important to you. Their entertainment shows are banal and cater to the lowest common denominator. I am heartened by many people’s prediction of their imminent demise due to technology disruptors.”

“Just a few more bucks Amber to help the ‘ little guy’ or in this case lady – vs – the ‘ corporates’ of this world , Giddy – Up.”

“Absolutely no-one should be subject to a permanent gag order.”

“It’s hard for me to write a comment on this without swearing. Their seem to be a lot of high profile wealthy white men around demonstrating what arrogant selfish unscrupulous and ultimately malevolent creatures they are.”

“Shame! Shame! You know your name!”

And even a fake Kerry Stokes: “Hi Amber, billionaire kerry stokes here. Got to keep the underlings in line – can’t have people stirring the pot. Anyway I’ve just about had a gutful of timbo worner, so he’s on notice. No hard feelings, just business you understand.”

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