Amber Harrison Joins Twitter To Tweet At Channel Seven’s Director

Amber Harrison Joins Twitter To Tweet At Channel Seven’s Director

Amber Harrison — the former Seven EA who had an affair with now Seven CEO Tim Worner— has taken to Twitter to tweet at Seven board member, Jeff Kennett. The account description claims: “Channel Seven demands my silence under legalities of two contracts they won’t honour so instead I’ve joined twitter to chat to Jeff Kennett”.

Over the weekend Kennett defended the board’s decision to “stand strong” behind Tim Worner while criticising Harrison for attempting to drag other Seven employees into the scandal.

Harrison claims Kennet’s comments have driven her to Twitter, she said in a statement to AFR“I was signed off from work with anxiety and depression the night they hauled me in to interrogate me about expenses. I was so upset. Seven had the doctor’s certificate and even offered to send an ambulance to my house.

“Kennett has essentially endorsed a corporation crushing a woman. For two years I have borne the brunt of an ASX-listed company’s all-out legal assault against an individual. If it wasn’t for my family, I would be homeless. They [Seven] have left me with no other option but to continue to throw bombs at them until they take some responsibility.”

Harrison’s Twitter account has not been verified, but it is tweeting ‘evidence’ including taxi receipts and email evidence of Seven Network commercial director Bruce McWilliam ordering an investigation into Harrison:

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