Amazon In Strife Over Worrying DIY Circumcision Kits

Amazon In Strife Over Worrying DIY Circumcision Kits

Online retailing behemoth Amazon prides itself that you can buy just about anything from its staggering range.

And that marketing line appears to ring true – although not necessarily in a good way – with news that its UK operations are in strife for selling home DIY circumcision kits.

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The kits, which come with an advertised price of £456 ($A795), include a dummy body, fake penises to practise on and a range of scissors and scalpels.

However, Amazon has now pulled the kits after (very genuine) complaints that some serious damage could be done to little boys if they fell into the wrong hands.

The UK’s National Secular Society (NSS) alerted Amazon to the sale of the kits, its spokesman, Dr Anthony Lampert, saying: “We fear that the sale of this product may encourage unqualified practitioners to carry out unnecessary surgery on infants in non-clinical conditions, resulting in serious harm.

“Non-therapeutic circumcision is unethical and unnecessary and is putting infant boys at risk of death and serious injury. This practice could be encouraged by the morally negligent sale of infant circumcision training kits to the public.”

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  • Raz Chorev 2 years ago

    It’s a training kit, FFS! Not a licence to circumcise! Having a training kit is better than practicing on real infants… those “surgical tools” can be bought separately online anyway.
    With all due respect to Dr. Lampert, is making assumptions about future use of “unqualified practitioners”. In fact, what he’s really saying is – “circumcision is unethical and unnecessary”. Which is his and his organisation’s opinion, and nothing more than that.


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