Amanda and Jonesy take Cone of Silence

Amanda and Jonesy take Cone of Silence

It may sound boring, but two radio personalities sitting in silence actually managed to boost WSFM online yesterday, with website views up by almost 30%.

Though there were a few disputable slip-ups (shrieking and laughing) that are still pending, both Jonesy and Amanda managed to refrain from speech the entire time.

While WSFM’s Jonesy and Amanda took the ‘Cone of Silence’ a host of tormentors appeared, trying to break their resolve.

Visitors included Seven Sunrise co-host Koshie, seeking revenge for the many on-air impersonations.

KIIS 1065’s Kyle and Jackie O appeared momentarily only to realize they would never be able to complete such a task (unsurprising).

The ‘Cone of Silence’ was a follow up challenge from an earlier dispute, where Jonesy and Amanda put it to the public to decide who talked the most.

Jonesy was voted number one chatterbox by the public, and an automated voice-recognition test confirm that indeed, Jonesy takes up far more air-time than Amanda.

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