‘Always Go For Experience Over The Cash’: BMF’s Cam Blackley

‘Always Go For Experience Over The Cash’: BMF’s Cam Blackley

Following today’s launch of B&T’s mega Adland salary survey, industry veteran and BMF’s top creative mind, Cam Blackley, argues working with top people is often a far better career move than simply chasing a big pay-packet.

Speaking in the latest issue of B&T – out now – Blackley said that working with great people, typically, will get you further in the end even if the paltry pay-packet can leave you having second thoughts.

“I’ve always tried to work for the best people in the world regardless of the pay cheque,” Blackley told B&T.

“You really learn through being pushed and humbled by the best minds in the industry while starving to death. It’s the long game and it works.”

Blackley’s other career advice – particularly if you’re the one doing the hiring – is to employ people who are better and brighter than you.

“I stole this from my dad,” he reveals, “turns out he was very bright. One, it makes your job easier and two they will surprise you often, and I love surprises.

“The term ‘better’ isn’t limited to creativity alone; it covers humility and empathy too.”

To read the full interview with Cam and heaps more cool stuff too, check out the latest edition of B&T out this week!

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