Alternative Meat Co. Bites Back At MLA’s Lamb Ad

Alternative Meat Co. Bites Back At MLA’s Lamb Ad

Hours after The Monkey’s latest Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) lamb advert was released, vegan-friendly company The Alternative Meat Co (AMC) has snapped back with an address to the nation with Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes arguing “It doesn’t need to Moo for you to be True Blue”.

In a 90-second ad, posted to the company’s Facebook page, Hughesy mimics Sam Kekovich’s lamb ads. He declares “it’s time to talk turkey with certain citizens of our fair nation” who “have the chops to think throwing a slab of meat on the barbie makes them more Australian” than those who opt for vegetarian options.

Check it out:

The AMC is getting some love on Facebook, with commentators saying:

  • Thanks for this Alt Meat Co. Sick of being told I’m unaustralian for doing more for the environment and the wildlife than most of the “true blue Aussies.
  • Go Hughesy lol at the meat eaters coming in here crying about being woken up from their ignorance for a moment.
  • Yes! Time to push back against the M&LA’s pathetic wish to keep convincing Aussies that somehow it’s in-Australian to make kinder choices on Australia Day.
  • Well done Hughesy, always knew you are a smart intelligent caring human being we love our Lamb too only happy and alive.

The MLA ads have famously had a prickly relationship with vegans and vegetarians; last year’s Australia Day campaign starring Lee Lin Chin featured a scene where ‘Operating Boomerang’ agent was instructed to burn a vegan’s house down. It become one of the most complained about ads of 2016, with the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) getting 747 complaints.

Many of the complaints claimed the ad discriminated against vegans, with one viewer saying “This will encourage other meat eaters to act violently towards vegans and sends a message saying that veganism is wrong and non-acceptable”.

The AMC often pranks carnivores: last year, with the help of Sydney-based PR agency Poem, Hughesy went undercover’ at Istanbul kebab shop subbing in AMC products instead of meat to unsuspecting consumers.

Dean Epps, general manager at Life Health Foods Australia, the creators of the AMC brand said, “Gone are the days of Australians eating a steak at every meal. With the nation becoming more health and environmentally conscious, this campaign shows how Aussies can still enjoy the experience of meat with plant alternatives.”

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