Aglet To Release A Pair Of Real-World Sneakers That Can Also Be Worn Digitally As NFTs

Aglet To Release A Pair Of Real-World Sneakers That Can Also Be Worn Digitally As NFTs
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onlife Inc., a next-generation experience platform which merges virtual worlds and physical goods, has announced the first ever physical release of one of its most iconic sneakers, the Aglet One, which can be pre-ordered in the company’s virtual game, Aglet, from May 28.

Players who buy the IRL shoes will also receive a specially minted NFT to mark the release, both the sneakers and tokens will be strictly limited for the initial run.

Earlier this month, Aglet launched NFTs as unique in-game assets, starting with the original sketch of the Aglet One Low, followed by an NFT version of the classic ‘OG’ colourway before releasing the IRL version tied to the physical sneaker.

“The obvious problem with the current iteration of NFTs is that most projects are pump-and-dump schemes, with the last unfortunate participant left holding the bag,” said Ryan Mullins, CEO at Aglet and onlife Inc..

“Our intention from the beginning has been to integrate digital assets, and now NFTs, into your daily life as you move around the world. The main focus is not arbitrage – there are other NFT plays out there if your goal is to flip the latest zany zoo animal for maximum profit. We are focused on the true ownership, mobility and utility of the assets you collect as you play the game of life.”

The Aglet NFTs as they appear in-game.

“For two years, our players have been collecting digital assets in the form of virtual sneakers, that were already non-fungible in a sense, as they could be bought, traded and sold, and using them in ways to best fit their needs,” said Owen Batt, Co-founder of onlife Inc.. “Now we are accomplishing a two-year dream to bridge the digital assets to the physical world with the release of the Aglet One Low sneakers that are beloved and coveted by our players around the globe.”

onlife Inc., the creator of Aglet, recently raised a new round of funding for its platform led by Galaxy Interactive and Amazon’s Alexa Fund. Over the course of 2022 and beyond, Aglet will be rolling out a series of upcoming NFT features in the gamified experience:

Q2 2022

  • First ever in-game Aglet NFT Shop launches
  • Digital meets physical – first ever Aglet NFT-connected IRL Sneaker Shop launches
  • In-game airdrops – rolling out a mix of exclusive Aglet sneakers, shelf backgrounds and apparel exclusively to Aglet NFT holders over the course of 2022 and beyond

Q3 2022

  • Spatial NFT Launch: Mint and cop Aglet NFTs in Treasure Stashes out in the real world
  • Additional NFT-connected IRL Sneaker releases
  • Players can purchase and sell Aglet NFTs in Aglet Marketplace
  • Aglet NFTs can be purchased and traded for USDC and ETH in Aglet Shop and Marketplace
  • Exclusive/ early access to Aglet Merch launches for NFT holders

Q4 2022

  • Aglet NFTs can be purchased and sold on ImmutableX Marketplace
  • Aglet NFTs can be purchased and sold on Layer 1 marketplaces (OpenSea, etc.)
  • Aglet Live Content Series with sneaker, metaverse and NFT luminaries – exclusive to NFT holders
  • Aglet Backpack – players can integrate wallets across multiple blockchains to be managed in a single game space

Aglet’s distinctive utility and features have been executed with their ever-growing community in mind. Through the added NFT components, Aglet is opening up to a new audience while creating deeper engagement for existing players. By creating a hustle, grind and earn loop which enables players to transact on NFTs outside, Aglet is positioning itself to be a leader in the gamified commerce realm while teaching valuable lessons about health and entrepreneurship to the younger demographics in its fan base.

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