Agency Founders Launch Unique Aussie-themed Stock Photo Library

Agency Founders Launch Unique Aussie-themed Stock Photo Library

Sourcing true-to-life stock photography of Australian people and places just became a whole lot easier for the design and advertising industries.

Austockphoto is the first 100 per cent Australian, 100 per cent independent stock photo library offering authentic imagery – all shot in familiar locations and settings by a talented team of over 150 contributors from all over the country.

Austockphoto is the brainchild of Claire Bonnor and Kassandra Hunt, founders of Sydney design and branding agency Boheem.

“Over the years we have seen a growing trend toward authenticity, and it’s impossible to be authentic when you’re using off-shore imagery – Australian consumers just don’t buy it,” Bonnor said.

“There’s definitely been a gap in the market.”

Hunt is a particularly strong believer in quality over quantity.

“Each shot is carefully selected so our search results produce beautiful, relevant content that is uniquely and quintessentially Australian,” she said.

“Every photographer invited to join the Austockphoto community brings their own perspective on Australian culture, so there’s something for everyone.”

Bonnor noted that Austockphoto is a carefully curated collection with an Australian audience in mind.

“Unlike the international stock photo libraries, Austockphoto knows that our culture isn’t all about kangaroos and the Opera House,” she said

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