Pro-Life Group’s TVC Feels Wrath Of Regulators

Pro-Life Group’s TVC Feels Wrath Of Regulators

A TVC for the Queensland-based pro-life group Emily’s Voice has been censured for not declaring its political nature.

The ad was screened on Network Ten in Western Australia last September and the broadcaster, Ten, was also in breach of the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s Broadcasting Services Act because it failed to include the correct labelling required of political advertising.

Ads of political nature in Australia have to include the name of person who authorised it, place where their office is, and name of every speaker in the ad.

Check out the offending ad below:

The ad concludes with children holding images of ultrasounds of unborn babies and the promotion of the website

Following the breach. Ten has undertaken to work with Commercials Advice at Free TV to incorporate the finding into the commercials review process and training in relation to advertising.

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