Adshel Unveils ANZ Takeover Via PHD

Adshel Unveils ANZ Takeover Via PHD

ANZ, in partnership with PHD and Adshel, have taken to the streets with a total take-over of the entire Adshel Live network.

For one hour, between 8am and 9am on Tuesday 19 June, ANZ is inviting commuters to download the new ANZ app by showing six different ways the app can help them manage their money on the go.

For the full hour, ANZ will be the only advertiser to be displayed across every screen.

The campaign utilises Adshel’s dynamic platform to target that ‘me-time’ commuters have on their way to work and help them get on top of their money while they wait for their bus.

PHD group business director on ANZ, Jordan Smith said, “This campaign aims to leverage a key time during the week where people are more receptive to financial information, helping them to ‘get on top of their money’ by downloading ANZ’s new app.

“We expect to see great results from this campaign”.

As well as sorting their finances, ANZ will also show those waiting in NSW exactly how much time they have before the next bus comes, so they can browse the ANZ App.

Information will be sent in real time from Transport NSW, feeding bus arrival times directly into the advertising headline on the digital screen.

ANZ will be kicking off their total ownership campaign tomorrow, so the next time you’re tapping your feet waiting for the bus to arrive, look up: you might be surprised how long you have to save time and money.

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