How in love with advertising are you?

How in love with advertising are you?

How in love with advertising are you? If advertising was on Tinder would you swipe right for it?

Outdoor media advertiser Adshel has developed a new campaign to test how in love with advertising you are.

Taking you through a bunch of questions about what gets you excited about advertising, you’re greeted at the end with a percentage of how much you love advertising.

Entering your favourite four letter word, choosing what you would with a gazillion dollar brief and whether you scream with excitement when your pre-roll comes up are all questions quiz-takers face.

Your view on the role of newspapers and whether you buy magazines are also posed to you.

Adshel campaign

The survey follows on from the ‘How agency are you’ research in 2013 that found 78% of Sydney’s population live outside the areas where 97% of Sydney agencies are.

“’How Agency are you?’ highlighted how insular we had become in Sydney. With facts like 80% of agency folk having never been to or heard of Parramatta, and nearly 60% visiting the same restaurant in North Bondi, we knew we couldn’t stop there,” Nicole McInnes, chief marketing and product officer at Adshel, said.

“This initiative aims to take our research one step further, and we’re hoping to find out how in touch the media industry is with how Australians really consume (or not) all of our hard work.

“The results from our ‘How Agency are You’ survey were nothing short of explosive for Sydney, we want to once again challenge the status quo in an industry renowned for disruptive creativity and curiosity,” she added.

“And with the help of our industry peers “How in love with advertising are you?” is expected to be as fun and informative but this time on a national scale.”

FYI, apparently I’m 74% in love with advertising. Take the quiz here.

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