Adobe Announces New AI-powered Personalisation Capabilities

Adobe Announces New AI-powered Personalisation Capabilities

Adobe has unveiled a number of new AI and machine learning-powered capabilities in Adobe Target, the personalisation engine of Adobe Marketing Cloud.

The new capabilities are designed to help brands successfully deliver hyper-personalised experiences to customers at scale.

Here they are in more detail:

  • Open data science capabilities: Adobe plans to open its data science and algorithmic optimisation capabilities in Adobe Target so brands can insert their own algorithms into the platform. This will enable brands to combine their industry expertise with Adobe’s machine learning and AI capabilities to deliver individualised customer experiences at massive scale.
  • One-click personalisation: new auto-target capability enables brands to automate personalised experiences across their digital properties with one click. Auto target uses machine learning in Adobe Sensei to determine the best experience for each consumer and continuously optimises those experiences as the consumer takes additional actions.
  • Personalised recommendations: new recommendation technology in Adobe Target enables brands to leverage consumer intent to better predict what content and products customers might want next.
  • Automated offers: with the enhanced decisioning power in Adobe Target, brands can ensure the best offer – out of potentially hundreds – is automatically shown to the right person at the right moment. Adobe Target now provides automated offers for mobile apps and IoT experiences.
  • Precision targeting: the enhanced integration between Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics Cloud lets marketers target more precisely by using behavioural analytics and audience data to inform deeper segmentation.


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