ADMA Launches Free Course To Tackle Viewability, Ad Fraud & Brand Safety

ADMA Launches Free Course To Tackle Viewability, Ad Fraud & Brand Safety

The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) today announced that it’ll be launching a free education program for its members under its education arm, ADMA IQ to tackle the issues of viewability, ad fraud and brand safety.

“In the last few months, the marketing and advertising industry has been hit hard by these key issues,” said Jodie Sangster (pictured above), CEO of ADMA.

“But so far we have seen a lot of talk and little positive action. While debate is useful, that alone will not solve the problem. We need to educate marketers so they can better understand the issues, implications and consequences of viewability, ad fraud and brand safety and arm them with knowledge so that they can ask their agencies and partners the right questions to drive transparency. This will not only start to actively address the issues but also assist in developing trust relationships between clients, agencies and platforms that will be positive for the business.

The IQ Spotlight Series will kick off officially on 29 May and will be in the form of a six-week comprehensive education program. At the end of the course, a guide will be released so that marketers can refer to them when making decisions. The education program features subject matter experts from Australia and overseas including:

  • Lottie Laws, Head of video at Twitter
  • Augustine Fou, Cyber security and ad fraud researcher
  • Nic Halley, Founder of Mindbox
  • Andew Hughes, Consultant at Louder

The main objective of this initiative is to empower marketers with the information, tools and resources that they need to address viewability, ad fraud and brand safety and also arm them with knowledge that ensures they can ask the right questions of their business partners.

Following the course, ADMA will form a steering committee to establish a mechanism for agencies, publishers and suppliers to demonstrate their transparency, develop a standardised credentials system to be used across the board to assess transparency levels.

“The issues surrounding measurability affects every organisation, and it is absolutely vital that we bring marketers up to speed with what’s happening and provide them with the knowledge on how to address these issues and similar ones that might arise in future,” said Steve Brennen, Chair of the ADMA Board and Director of Marketing at Uber Australia. “ADMA is the perfect authority to facilitate such a program to help marketers thanks to its focus on data-driven marketing, education and measurability.”

“Measurability, including viewability, is a key element for all marketers to grasp in 2017,” adds Stuart Tucker, ADMA Board of Director and GM for Brand, Sponsorship and Marketing Operations at Commonwealth Bank. “ There is a need for a consistent approach across the industry and a robust approach to education so all marketers are equipped to have the right conversation with agencies and media partners. ADMA are well-placed to lead the education process for companies large and small.”

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