Brands Cop Massive Fan Backlash Following FIFA Scandal

Brands Cop Massive Fan Backlash Following FIFA Scandal

Social media data, collected by data company Freemavens, has revealed which brands associated with FIFA are receiving the most negative sentiment online.

Adidas has seen the largest percentage increase of backlash since it was revealed that seven FIFA officials have been arrested and 14 football officials are accused of taking more than $US150 million in bribes.

Social media data from the Freemavens study:

According to the study, Adidas saw negative sentiment rise a ridiculous 32,500 per cent, followed by Visa 27,000 per cent, Budweiser 25,500 per cent, Nike 23, 700 per cent, Hyundai 16,600 per cent, Coca-Cola 9,650 per cent and lastly, McDonald’s 4,600 per cent.

Keep in mind that Adidas would have had lower negative online comments prior to the scandal, whereas brands such as McDonalds often have higher negative perception on Twitter. This could explain why Adidas’s negative sentiment has sky rocketed.

The social backlash is pretty clear: people want big sponsors to withdraw their sponsorship of FIFA.


In other FIFA scandal news, Coca-Cola has released a statement:

“Our expectation remains that FIFA will continue to act with urgency to take concrete actions to fully address all of the issues that have been raised and win back the trust of all who love the sport of football. We believe this decision will help FIFA transform itself rapidly into a much-needed 21st century structure and institution.”

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