Adelaide Radio Recorded Strongest Growth In Five Months To November

Adelaide Radio Recorded Strongest Growth In Five Months To November

Advertising in the metropolitan realm of commercial radio has slacked off in the past month, with revenue falling just over two per cent in November.

According to Deloitte figures released by Commercial Radio Australia, the advertising dollars dropped down to $68.6 million, with the decline up against a particularly strong month in November 2014, when ad returns soared up over 10 per cent.

Figures for the individual markets showed that revenue in Sydney decreased by 4.55 per cent to $20.706 million in November compared to the same month a year ago, while Melbourne was down 3.19 per cent to $20.637 million. Brisbane also declined by 4.03 per cent to $10.741 million.

Adelaide and Perth both recorded increases of 4.51 per cent and 3.86 per cent, respectively.

“The commercial radio industry has seen 14 months of consecutive increases in advertising revenue, so this may be a month of consolidation,” CRA chief executive Joan Warner said.

Financial year-to-date figures show growth across all five capital city markets with a total rise of 5.51 per cent to $335.704 million.

For the five-month period ending November 2015, Adelaide recorded the strongest growth (up 12.92 per cent to $31.541 million), followed by Perth (up 7.03 per cent to $46.196 million) and Sydney (up 5.08 per cent to $102.921 million).  Melbourne grew by 4.36 per cent to $102.795 million and Brisbane rose by 3.22 per cent to $52.250 million.

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