UK Ad Watchdog Concludes “Michael Jackson Is Innocent” Posters Investigation

UK Ad Watchdog Concludes “Michael Jackson Is Innocent” Posters Investigation

The UK’s ad watchdog has announced the end of its investigation into posters that claimed Michael Jackson is innocent of child sex abuse.

Transport for London (TFL) removed the ads, which were displayed on the sides of buses and bus stops, proclaiming Michael Jackson’s innocence amidst pedophilia allegations.

The adverts depicted Jackson muffled by the word ‘innocent’ with the words ‘Facts don’t lie. People do’, which was a response to the Leaving Neverland documentary accusing Jackson of grooming underage boys.

TFL removed the ads due to ‘public sensitivity and concern’, and an investigation into the ads commenced.

Now, the Advertising Standards Authority have announced they are ending the investigation, saying there is “little practical action” that they are able to take.

The ASA said: “We received 34 complaints in total. In assessing whether there were grounds for further action, we took into account the fact that TFL had removed the ads following concern from the public.

“In this instance, as the ads had already been removed, there was very little practical action left for us to take.”

The adverts first emerged after the release of Leaving Neverland, a joint documentary from Channel 4 and HBO that detailed allegations of child abuse sex abuse against the star.

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