Ad Standards Rules Against AdultShop’s ‘Channing Tatum’ Female Toy

Ad Standards Rules Against AdultShop’s ‘Channing Tatum’ Female Toy

Hot damn! The trusty Advertising Standards Board (ASB) has ruled against sex shop Adult Shop’s radio advertisement which claimed its latest vibrator ‘Womaniser’ is like “Channing Tatum softly kissing and sucking…until I explode…”

The product description on the store’s website describers the Womanizer: “Hold on tight ladies, you are about to go on the ride of a lifetime! The womanizer is a true revolution, with unique technology allowing stimulation of the clitoris without contact giving you incredible and sensational orgasms every time!”

But alas, some people really didn’t like the radio ad:

“I find the wording of the whole ad including phrases “like being kissed and sucked by Channing Tatum until I explode” and demonstrating the noise it makes, to be highly inappropriate to be on radio in the middle of the day. I have heard the ad several times in the middle of the day whilst listening to the radio with my small children. I feel the content of the ad is more suited for late night when young children are not listening!”

“I feel that the level of reference to use of the sex toy is completely inappropriate for a main stream radio station, let alone at a time when children could be listening. Try explaining that to a 9 year old.”

“The ad is too graphic and compares sounds of other sex toys to this new sex toy and female advertiser mimics the sound of both in air. She then says it feels like Channing Tatum kissing and sucking her softly. Highly inappropriate advertising on daytime radio especially for children.”

AdultShop responded by pointing out that people have dirty minds because the ad didn’t mention anything of the sort:

“If you listen to the commercial, you will see that there is no reference as to where “Channing Tatum” is kissing and really up to the listener’s imagination. There are many people who “explode and quiver like Jelly” while being kissed on the lips by someone they desire. It is up to the listeners to decide where the kissing is taking place.”

The ASB was having none of it, ruling in favour of the complaints.

“The Board considered that the combination of words and sound effects provide a level of context that took the listener into the sexual act. The Board considered that although the product is legally allowed to be advertised the very sexualised content of the advertisement means the advertisement is not appropriate for the medium of radio that had a broad audience that would include children.”

The Womanizer commercial has not been on air since the 28th March and will not air again. Sorry ladies.

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