“Actually Our Customers Are 42”: Virgin Mobile

“Actually Our Customers Are 42”: Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile has debunked the idea that its customers are all spotty, pubescent teens revealing to B&T the average age of its mobile users is fast approaching mid-life – a fast greying 42.

Speaking before the ecommerce Conference And Expo currently being held in Melbourne, Virgin Mobile’s associate director, digital experience, Alicia Mack, said her typical customer might be the “married/mortgaged/two kids” Gen X-er but they “remained young at heart and are very digitally savvy”.

Mack confessed it can be tough – budget-wise – going up against the likes of Telstra but believed the digital landscape had made things a far more level playing field.

Mobile advertising, she said, had become a fascinating medium for marketers and telcos alike

“From a telco perspective we have the ability to target customers and prospects by network and that’s incredibly powerful,” Mack told B&T.

“It also gives a great opportunity at testing ‘omni channel” in action. Click-to-call from ads, geo-targeting for retail and online shopping via responsively designed eCommerce sites are all part of mobile advertising, which you can’t get in other formats. I think it’s being underutilised at the moment so it will be great to see how it evolves.”

Mack, too, agreed that data was fundamentally changing the way Virgin Mobile was doing business in Australia. The company recently launched Data Rollover which allows customers to rollover their unused data to the following month.

“Obviously Data Rollover is a key initiative for us, and something we’re really proud to offer the Australian market,” Mack said.

In terms of other initiatives, Mack was more reticent to reveal the company’s plans.

“I can’t let the cat out of the bag, but I can tell you that we’re all hands on deck to deliver our most exciting product and digital roadmap to date,” Mack said.


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