Account-based Marketing Platform Valkre Launches Down Under

Account-based Marketing Platform Valkre Launches Down Under

A new technology platform has launched in Australia that aims to fill the missing link in account-based marketing (ABM) by enabling marketing and sales teams to focus on their most important accounts.

Valkre is a web-based platform that lets B2B marketers develop and deploy value stories, which can then be customised by sales teams to create dynamic account plans for every client and prospect.

Jerry Alderman (pictured above), managing director of Valkre, said the platformt helps sales and marketing work in lock step to target, acquire and grow key accounts, which is the aim of ABM strategies.

“Valkre does the heavy lifting of ABM, because you can create the targeted value propositions and deploy the plays via a single collaboration tool,” he said.

“This also makes it easier for marketing to create compelling content that aligns to customer needs.”

Global brands who have deployed Valkre include GE, IBM, Owens-Corning, Phillips, Cox Automotive, Varian and Sabre. Valkre also integrates with major CRM platforms including Salesforce and Dynamics.

Valkre is represented in the Asia-Pacific region by The Spitfire Group, whose clients include market leaders in technology, medical, manufacturing and construction industries.

Spitfire managing director Simon Lane said: “ABM is considered by many marketers to be the single most effective strategy to win and keep clients. More than 84 per cent of marketers who measure ROI say ABM provides a better return that any other type of marketing.”

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