ABC’s Get Krak!n Finale Is “The Most Important Half Hour Of TV In Australian History”

ABC’s Get Krak!n Finale Is “The Most Important Half Hour Of TV In Australian History”

The ABC’s hit satirical show Get krack!n has ended its two seasons run with one of “the most important half hour[s] of TV in Australia history”.

Breakfast show satire has never been as dark or poignant as the final episode of Get Krack!n, which was co-written by Nakkiah Lui and comedians Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan.

The show, which is usually hosted by the two Kates, was instead hosted by Tapsell and Lui, who opened the show discussing whether it was a good idea for them to be there.

Tapsell whispered to Lui: “This would be a good opportunity for me to branch out into hosting so I stop getting mistaken for Deborah Mailman.”

Lui said: “And it’d be good if everyone forgot about Q&A and stopped seeing me as an angry Aboriginal woman all the time.”

Taking a break from its usual humour to deliver a polemical piece to camera, the Indigenous comedic duo denounced morning breakfast TV’s affinity for headline-grabbing attacks on marginalised communities.

The ‘kracking’ episode was trending on Twitter, with many viewers praising the episode and saying: “It should be required viewing for anyone how calls themselves Australian”, as well as “the most soaring 30 minutes of Australian TV ever produced.”

A Facebook post ahead of the episode’s airing saw creators of the show, Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan, confirming it would be the last episode.

They said: “We’re really proud of this episode, it’s a cracker… [Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell] are very good at their jobs, and we are incredibly lucky to have collaborated with them on this episode.”

The moment that truly shook Australian viewers was the ending of the show, where the line between satire and truth began to blur when an angry Tapsell shut down a group of white speakers arguing over the top of each other about whether or not racism exists.

Tapsell screamed: “I’ll tell you about racism, because I’ve been living with racism since the moment I shot out of my mum!”

“There’s something about us they’ll never accept. What is it? If only I could put my little black finger on it.”

“Thirty years of smiling, and making big eyes and not showing my anger! I’m done not being angry.

“I am angry. And if you don’t like me being angry, then by all means Australia, take my furious baton and run this race for me!

“Because we are dying in infancy, we are dying in custody, and we are dying decades earlier than you. And you should be as angry about that as I am.

While the whole premise of Get Krack!n is to poke fun at the nonsense of breakfast TV, Tapsell concluded by urging viewers to switch off from breakfast TV.

She said: “Stop being angry at families who are fleeing warzones, or at schools for teaching kids properly about sex and their bodies, or in any other things these bullshit shows tell you to be angry about, just so they can fill the talk break.”

Tapsell’s polemical piece continued, with Lui taking over with her own sincere piece to camera before Tapsell said: “C’mon babe, let’s go to Sunrise and f*ck this shit up!”

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