ABC Reporter Confronted For Speaking During Invasion Day Rally: “How Dare You”

ABC Reporter Confronted For Speaking During Invasion Day Rally: “How Dare You”
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ABC journalist Edith Bevin was confronted by attendees of an Invasion Day rally in Hobart, after she conducted a live cross during a minute’s silence.

In footage that has since spread across Twitter, Bevin appeared at the rally during a live cross while a crowd gathered outside the Parliament of Tasmania as part of nationwide protests.

“It’s been interesting to see how many people have turned up to the rally. Behind me now, they’re engaged in a minute’s silence,” Bevin said.

“Obviously this is a day that marks what the Aboriginal community in Tasmania refer to as Invasion Day, the day of white settlement of Australia, and certainly there are a lot of placards about calling for that date to be changed, to be more inclusive.”

While Bevin continues talking about changing the date of Australia Day, a woman approaches the reporter to confront her for talking during the minute’s silence.

The woman says “how dare you” repeatedly, while Bevin attempts to continue her cross to the ABC studio.

A man, who is alleged to be the cameraman, is then seen attempting to pull the woman out of the frame, which results in the woman yelling: “don’t touch me”.

Another person then moves to block the camera. The ABC then switches back to Ros Childs in the studio, who says they will cross back to Bevin when the minute’s silence has been completed. morning homepage editor Andrew Backhouse shared a clip of the broadcast on Twitter, writing: “When you just can’t stop talking. ABC reporter during the one minute’s silence.”

The outlet, additionally, along with other News Corp-owned outlets, was quick to sink the boot into the incident, citing claims from a little-known Tasmanian outlet that a complaint had been sent to the ABC about it.

B&T has contacted the ABC for comment.

The news comes after the public broadcaster bowed to pressure and dropped a reference to Invasion Day in the headline of a story that listed 26 January events.

This followed the communications minister, Paul Fletcher, on Monday criticising the ABC for publishing an online article on Sunday with the headline “Australia Day/Invasion Day 2021 events guide”.

He said: “The ABC has clearly got this one wrong”.

Along with other public figures, Fletcher said it was an “incorrect” use of “Invasion Day” and urged the ABC to “correct this inaccurate article”.

“For the ABC to suggest … that in some way Invasion Day is interchangeable with Australia Day—is clearly wrong,” he said.

The article noted that 26 January is “one of the most polarising dates on the Australian calendar”. It then outlined both the celebratory events taking place around the country and events that commemorate Indigenous perspectives on the colonisation of Australia.

As reported by Guardian Australia, the ABC had defended its terminology for 26 January, but hours later amended the story and dropped the reference to Invasion Day in the headline.

The headline now reads: “Australia Day is a contentious day for many. Here are the events being held on January 26”.

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