“A Home To Advertise To Youth”: Everything You Need To Know About 10’s New Channel 10 Shake

“A Home To Advertise To Youth”: Everything You Need To Know About 10’s New Channel 10 Shake

Earlier this year it was rumoured 10 would be unveiling a new channel later in the year, and it turns out those rumours were true.

Today, 10 has announced that ’10 Shake’ will make its way onto Australian TV screens later this year.

The new channel will include a mix of shows for people aged 0-40.  It will be the only free-to-air channel on which Australians will have access to a slate of the most popular kids’ programs including Bubble Guppies, Henry Danger and READY SET DANCE.

10 Shake will also have some of the most popular shows across the globe, courtesy of its partnership with ViacomCBS, including Catfish: The TV Show, The Charlotte Show and The Late Late Show With James Corden.

The announcement of content on 10 Shake follows Network 10’s biggest first half commercial shares since 2011.

Network 10 Head of Programming, Daniel Monaghan, said: “We are thrilled to be adding 10 Shake to our family of channels. It is a fantastic proposition for Australian viewers and includes a great array of content from ViacomCBS, a lot of which has never aired on free to air television before.

Speaking to B&T, Network 10 and ViacomCBS chief sales officer Rod Prosser said the new channel will bring in new audiences and revenue, opening up more advertising inventory that advertisers previously haven’t had.

“There’s such an opportunity for the big categories that have wanted a home to advertise to the youth. And certainly, you look at some of the tech platforms and how they’re really targeting that demographic and we hope it gives us the opportunity to do that.”

On whether 10 is hoping to steal younger audiences away from rivals Nine and Seven, Prosser said while it’s “flattering” the others are “chasing those younger demos” that 10 already has them.

“It’s wonderful other media outlets are now jumping up and down saying how important the demographics are, because we’ve been talking about that for a long time. But the reality is some of them are scrambling to get their strategy right. And we’ve had a very considered and now very successful strategy in place for some time targeting our viewers.

“The launch of this channel is just another step within that strategy, so I have no doubt that this will certainly cement us as being the core under-50s network.”

Speaking to whether there’s any fear the new channel will cannablise 10’s primary channel, Prosser said it was something the network took into consideration.

“Part of the reason we collectively all decided to take our time and make sure that we got the channel the offering right because we wanted to make sure when we launched, it wouldn’t cannibalise our own audiences.

Some might argue launching during COVID-19 might be a risky move, but Prosser said “there’s never a right or wrong time” to launch a new channel.

“But really importantly for us with a commercial lense is that we wanted to make sure we had enough runway with this channel before we hit our annual upfront.

“We really wanted advertisers to have a feel for what the channel is all about, and obviously for us to get some run on the board and have a really clear view of targets and how they can lean into the channel.”


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