Bakers Delight Ban: People Who Complained Are “Small-Minded Idiots”

Bakers Delight Ban: People Who Complained Are “Small-Minded Idiots”

As reported on B&T on Monday, bakery chain Bakers Delight has caught the ire of the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) for passing off finger buns covered in chocolate as a proper school lunch.

The ad campaign was both in-store and part of an OOH campaign in shopping centres and has since been removed after two members of the public complained that the “advertising of lollies on bread for school lunches is appalling”.


However, social commentator Prue MacSween has used her regular spot on The Today Show to take a swipe at the decision, calling complainants “small minded idiots”. Check out the rant below:

“It is up to the bloody parents what they put in(a kid’s lunchbox).” MacSween raged.

“Why should some two small-minded idiots, again guardians of stupidity influence us and tell us that what we have to put into our children’s bloody lunchboxes?” she said.

MacSween agreed the finger buns “looked disgusting” and when host David Campbell reminded her of Australia’s spiralling obesity epidemic the feisty MacSween swiftly countered: “Bakers Delight should be banned, then, because everything sold in Bakers Delight is probably not good for you. Where are we going to draw the line on this crap?”

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