You’re so vain….

You’re so vain….

The Networker managed to stumble upon a series of entertaining ad agency staff photos on the Business Insider website.

And boy oh boy did it confirm The Networker’s long standing view that agencies are obsessed with the way things look, and are certainly not embarrassed about what ‘regular people’ tend to cringe over.

To grab client attention (and just generally be noticed), agencies have gone so far as to use a giant severed head in their formal photo, take photos of staff with their eyes closed, and even posed nude.

Other agency photos include a dog with its paw aloft, an attractive lady in a suggestive pose, a chap in a bow tie crying, a couple of girls screaming (not sure what at or about), and a ‘land of the giants’ scenario in San Francisco Bay (pictured – Venables Bell & Partners).

Oh those quirky creative types … what high jinks will they get up to next?

Sagmeister & Walsh: 

The VIA Agency: 

And finally, Kevin Leung: 

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