Why Google is the ultimate door bitch

Why Google is the ultimate door bitch

You’ve just slaved away getting ready for the big day, the day you go live. In your opinion you look good, damn good! How could any search engine refuse you entry to their first page? Google can and she’s got over 200 reasons to keep you out.

Back in the day, depending on your ethical inclination to Google, you could either raise your ranking artificially or earn it naturally.

Naturally, was to toil away at the pursuit of quality in a highly volatile environment. Artificially, was to g-up ranking with a dodgy backend makeover consisting of key word stuffing, anchor texting, link buying and cloaking.

Out of the two options, it’s hard to ignore a quick fix especially in a time when search engines couldn’t tell the difference. Google quickly caught on and evolved into the mean door bitch she is today. 

She manifested Panda and Penguin to give her algorithms a soul and a conscience. The Panda, to farm filter and promote content that inspires emotional engagement. The Penguin, a moral compass equipped to punish and fight against spam.  

Getting past the furry bouncers seems like an impossible task, especially because they account for over 200 undisclosed factors to determine page rank. But! Google gives you some hints as to what’s important.   

There's the saying that a search "engine friendly design” is also a “human friendly design”. To make sure that users and webcrawlers coming to your website can quickly find what they’re looking for you need effective information architecture backed with informative and thorough HTML title tags. 

Seed quality links on your site. Google deeply analyses links based on quality and quantity of seeds.  Links that impact positively on search are the ones that Google deems as a credible influence. 

Socialise and content market like a boss! When you create quality content it has the power to drive emotionally engagement. When you contribute or share content on social platforms you send positive user signals to Google.

But, if you create quality content, share it through social and reinforce it with a strong SEO back bone it becomes supercharged. Google feeds off social activity to gauge popularity and influence while openly stressing the importance of quality content to dictate ranking.

When all these efforts work together as part of a larger online strategy you have the potential to create a truly symbiotic relationship between man, search and website. And this relationship is your ticket in.

Lorlei Bookluck is a junior digital producer at Oddfellows.

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