White Ribbon: domestic violence message served cold

White Ribbon: domestic violence message served cold

It’s not loaded with statistics, grisly images or dripping with emotion. Instead, White Ribbon’s new anti-domestic violence ad lures viewers into a false sense of security.

Introducing Australia as the “land of secrets” the ad comes across as a new tourism campaign, featuring beautiful shots of beaches, Sydney Harbour and more.

It moves subtlety from the highlights of the country into one very large downside: “Where the stars come out every night and one woman a week dies from an act of domestic violence.”

The music becomes mournful but just as quickly it returns to its happier notes.

“With a continent of unexplored wilderness, a coastline of deserted beaches and modern bustling cities, Australia’s secrets have many places to hide.

“Uncover just one of them,” it concludes.

The ‘Dark Secret’ spot (below) was created by Archibald Williams.


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