Which ad do you like best?

Which ad do you like best?

The massive NFL Super Bowl in the US is here on Sunday and while the actual game is an integral part of the Super Bowl, the one minute various companies have to advertise their products can often deliver some of the most absurd and expensive advertising in the industry.

Check out ten teasers that have been leaked in the lead up to Sunday’s event that are already garnering much attention on YouTube.

Big Bang Theory’s Leonard still doesn’t have much luck with ladies in Hyundai Elantra’s Super Bowl commercial, almost 6.5 million have watched his failed attempts to pick up the women in the next car, resulting in him flying through flaming hoops.


Over five million people on YouTube can see why some things should never be compromised through Audi’s invention of the“doberhuahua”.


Singing vegetables, chickens and muppets go hand-in-hand with Toyota’s Super Bowl commercial. 2.5 million hits and counting.


Already sporting almost two million views, Newcastle’s non-Super Bowl commercial features a hilariously pissed off Anna Kendrick.

Annoyed at the beer brewer for losing the money to broadcast commercial, Kendrick ends the commercial by calling Newcastle Brown Ale “dicks” and telling them to “suck it” before walking out.

Do you think she’s “beer commercial hot”?


Are you prepared for whatever is coming with 412 actors, 58 hidden cameras, five rockstars, four celebrities and one unsuspecting guy? Make sure you check out Bud Light’s full commercial on Sunday.

It already has 1.2 million YouTube views, will you add another one to it?


You’ll never look at luxury the same way again with Kia’s new advert, featuring Matrix’s Morpheus that’s spoon-bendingly good with over one million views.


Wonderful Pistachio has enlisted Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbart who is convinced the Super Bowl is held in honour of his wonderful pistachios, where the advert has already gathered over 50,000 views.


Where they had been previously criticised for depicting half-naked women, the abundance of testosterone and logs of muscle throughout Go Daddy’s Super Bowl commercial has been suggested as “showing signs of maturity”.


What happens to Yellow M&M after he’s hit with a tranquilizer that forces him to stop twerking? Almost 20,000 people on YouTube want to know.


Cheerios has created an adorable sequel to its minute advertisement last year, where a new baby also promises a new puppy.

Already gathering attention, the commercial has been viewed almost 14,000 times on YouTube.


Old Spice’s new ad once again proves just how irresistible the product is.

While only having just under 9,000 views, it sticks well with Old Spice’s other odd and sometimes creepy adverts.


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