What does a 'creative' do anyway?

What does a 'creative' do anyway?

When you tell people ‘I’m a creative’, are you met with a blank stare and asked ‘so, what do you actually do for a living’?. If so, show them this video by The Explainers.

Digital studio The Explainers have created a video for the Creative Industries Innovation Centre (CIIC) which runs through the importance of the creative pursuits.

The video also promotes CIIC’s ‘Valuing Australia’s Creative Industries’ report which launched in February.

To see the video click here.

CREDITS: Client: Creative Industries Innovation Centre (CIIC) |  Production Company: The Explainers Senior Account Manager: Emily Simmons‚Ä®Producer: Katies Yeates‚Ä®Creative Director: Paul Ducco‚Ä® Copywriter: Nick Richardson Art Director: Gillian O'Connor‚Ä®Animators: Gillian O'Connor, Darryn Rogers‚Ä®Sound Design: Scott Collins @ Noiselab

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