We’re ‘shithouse’ at collaboration

We’re ‘shithouse’ at collaboration

The Australian advertising industry is “shithouse” at collaboration, it has been claimed.

When asked if the country is embracing a culture of collaboration, or whether it’s something that needs more work, Rob Galluzzo (pictured), founder of production company Finch, said: “Collaboration and relationships between agencies and their clients is shithouse. It’s embarrassing.

“There are some exceptions, but it’s generally bad. We are just on the periphery, and we get to watch it all. There is this process that happens that’s not good.”

Addressing the audience at MAD Week’s Innovation Afternoon yesterday, Peter Harris, managing director of Vision Critical agreed.

He said: “In Australia, we are very bad at collaboration. The market is small and everyone is very competitive. We have been trying to find good partners in Australia for several years now, but people are very protective. Everyone needs to put things out on the table and develop trust.”

The issue needs to be resolved for the industry to progress, according to Faris Yakob, keynote speaker at the event and founder of GeniusSteals.

“Collaboration is the only way we are going to get anything done from here on in,” said Yakob. “All the simple stuff and all the one-mind problems have been sorted. Humans are linguistic, social creatures – we are tribal at a very basic level. If everyone is competing for the same business or the same budget, then no-one is going to be on the same team – it’s that simple.”

The discussions are set to continue at MAD Week’s Inside Series full-day event tomorrow at The Four Seasons hotel. Visit the MAD Week website for more details. 

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