'Warped pop song' to raise WildAid's funds

'Warped pop song' to raise WildAid's funds

In the wake of news that the Western Black Rhino is now officially extinct a team of creatives decided to release a “warped pop song” to raise money for WildAid.

The ‘Memes and Genes’ track is from the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase 2013 featuring Professor Richard Dawkins, which premiered at the Cannes Lions on June 20.

The song is on Bandcamp with all proceeds going to WildAid.

The track was created by composer Finn McNicholas and musician Tim Exile, featuring Dawkins giving a speech about memes and genes, which then morphed into an auto-tuned track.

It culimanated with Dawkins playing an electronic wind instrument (EWI).

Exile and Mcnicholas said: “The idea was to condense the material into a warped pop song that reflected evolution of internet memes. Following the flurry of hits online, we've teamed up with WildAid to raise awareness and funds for endangered species."

To listen to the track click here.

Credits: words by Professor Richard Dawkins, written and produced by Finn McNicholas, instrument design & co-produced by Tim Exile, co-written with Jonathan Santana and Xander Smith, artwork by James Francis + Laurent Fetis + Marshmallow Laser Feast, project produced by Juliette Larthe @ PRETTYBIRD UK for Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide

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