Vacuum comment costs dad big in new Burger King work

Vacuum comment costs dad big in new Burger King work

Value is the message Burger King is drilling home to its young and hungry target market in a series of 15-second ads created by Colenso BBDO.

The fast-food chain needed to stand out from the crowd creatively to get cut through in the competitive market, James Woodbridge, GM of marketing at Burger King New Zealand, said.

“This new platform moves away from the category norm and uses comedy and charm to help support the value of our menu activity. And so far it is proving to work hard in a retail environment.”

One of the three ads shows a family sitting down to dinner at Burger King as the mother and wife joyfully says “Tonight I won’t have to cook, or do the dishes”, to which her husband vacantly responds: “Which means you’ll have plenty of time to do the vacuuming”.

Instantly realising his comment has put him the dog house he turns, without taking a breath, and says: “I instantly regret saying that we’ll have to buy you a very expensive necklace”.

Brett Colliver, creative at Colenso BBDO, said the $1 Burger King offer has been around for a while.

“But we needed to make the message more entertaining than just another campaign of burger shots, because unfortunately that just ends up being wallpaper,” Colliver said.

“So instead, we’re letting bumbling dads and confused old men tell New Zealand about the amazing offers. They seem like far more fun. And so far, the reactions have been great.”

The release described the new ads as the “latest in a string of audacious work” from the brand that has so far included opening a motel to promote their new chicken burgers, hunting down customers for The Outlaw Burger and creating the self-loathing YouTube ad, ‘The Anti Pre-Roll’.

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