Top 10 digital 'priorities' for 2013

Top 10 digital 'priorities' for 2013


Being transparent about data collection, creating practical experiences and embracing e-commerce should be “digital priorities” for organisations over the next 12-18 months, a report found.

The above are just three of ten areas businesses need to invest in according to the second edition of the Visual Jazz Isobar (VJI) and Aegis FYI Report.

“Whether it’s the need to rethink what local means for your category, the impact social is having on what brands need to do to be discovered, or the fine balancing act of delivering value through big data while caring for personal privacy, each of the 10 imperatives are areas that we urge brands to evaluate and focus on in 2013,” Simon Small, planning and insights director at VJI, said.

Social visibility is one area brands need to focus on this year, according to the report which said consumers are turning social into a search engine.

“As a result, it is critical for brands think about how socially optimised their digital experiences are, and focus on likes, +1s and influencers to drive visibility.”

Brand experiences that “seamlessly” cross multiple devices and investing in tools to unlock insights in data are other imperatives the report identified.

“For the first time ever, technological factors have become they bigger influence in organisational change,” the report said.

“It is transforming how organisations operate, all the way from how they plan, strategize and innovate.”

The report pointed to a prediction that by 2017 chief marketing officers will spend more on technology than chief technology officers will as evidence.

Embracing mobile and delivering targeted communications as well as increasing collaboration were also identified as key trends to consider in 2013.

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