Time to tackle youth homelessness

Time to tackle youth homelessness

Organisation UN LTD and media development program NGEN have joined forces and are putting their heads together to tackle youth homelessness.

Supporting UN LTD’s beneficiary ‘Youth off the streets’ through donations and building awareness of the issue, NGEN will help to facilitate and execute an “innovative and cost neutral event”.

The partnership kicked off at the Media Federation Australia (MFA) awards last year with ‘Youth off the streets’ selected as the charity brief for the NGEN category.

A unique program designed to give a voice to upcoming young media specialists, NGEN will affiliate its 2000+ members with UN LTD, providing support and mentoring for the organisation and its many beneficiary programs.

“We are so proud to be aligning the pool of talent and skills of our NGEN members with tackling such a large scale social problem,” Sophie Madden, CEO of MFA, said.

“The partnership with UN LTD meets the needs of many of our members in having a social conscience, wanting to make a difference, and seeing the impact of their efforts.”

‘Youth off the streets’ is a community organisation supporting youth who may have issues of homelessness, neglect, drug or alcohol dependency and/or abuse.

“Investing in media, marketing and advertising campaigns is usually the realm of bigger not for-profits due to the cost of development and implementation,” Father Chris Riley, founder and CEO of ‘Youth off the streets’, added.

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