Thriller action movie trailer from WWF

Thriller action movie trailer from WWF

The trailer for WWF’s Unseen makes me want to watch the movie.

Working with UK based production company, Nice and Serious, WWF created the thriller action movie clip to entice film buffs and generate awareness around the impacts of palm oil production.

Throughout the trailer we follow Jack from his everyday job at the office, staying late and cooking for his partner to when he discovers the horrifying truth.

After discovering this truth, Jack attempts to rectify it claiming “I refuse to live like this!”

We are taken on a rollercoaster action ride as Jack tries to thwart whatever devastating truth that derails his consciousness.

Jack eventually is standing in front of the cash register, two tubs of icecream within his hands as he looks imploringly at the shop attendant.

“Do you have icecream made with sustainable palm oil?”

Only at the end of the trailer do we learn it is not a movie trailer at all, but instead a “video that seeks to educate consumers about one of the world’s most pressing environmental problems and how they can help”.

The video is nestled within a microsite with information on the devastating effects palm oil plantations can have on the environment.

Many products that we use everyday contain some form of palm oil, icecream, lipstick, packaged bread and instant noodles just to name a few.

Check out the clip below and head to the website here.

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