The truth behind Doritos fans

The truth behind Doritos fans

An Aussie made Doritos ad has made the final five in the snack’s annual ‘Crash the Superbowl’ competition – and EMMA has unveiled research that reveals the hidden truth behind Doritos consumers.

According to EMMA (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia), a love of technology and social media is key for Australian Doritos fans.

With almost 3 million views on YouTube for the ‘Finger cleaner’ ad, coupled with 67% of Doritos fans saying they like watching short videos online, it seems that fans are using social media to give the Aussie ad its best chance to shine on the international stage.

EMMA also found that 75% of Doritos consumers say the internet is an integral part of their lives, and 60% enjoy using social networking sites.

People who eat Doritos are most likely to be students aged between 14 and 29, spend a lot of time online playing games, buying and selling on sites like Ebay, and reading blogs, news, entertainment and sport.

In general, Doritos consumers also spend less time watching TV than the general population, but go to the cinema more. They are also heavy magazine readers, particularly of titles such as Game Informer, Fast Fours & Rotaries, Official Xbox 360 and PC Powerplay.

Jane Nicholls, commercial director at Ipsos MediaCT, said: “As well as an online presence, it may be worth Doritos planning for some of its media investment to go to magazines, given Doritos consumers are such heavy magazine readers.”

Kate Platter, from Ipsos ASI, added: “We think the ‘Finger cleaner’ ad is going to be a clear winner on visibility – people will remember, talk, tweet and post about this ad.”

The winning Doritos SuperBowl ad will screen during the SuperBowl on February 2. 

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