The graveyard shift: G Squared launches after hours social media management

The graveyard shift: G Squared launches after hours social media management

Should social media managers expect to work graveyard shifts in the future? They might be if they work at G Squared Digital Marketing.

The boutique digital marketing agency in Sydney will soon be launching a 24 hour social media management service to help address social mediadisasters that happen afterhours. We saw this most recently on Qantas' Facebook page, when a hardcore pornographic image was posted overnight and left up for seven hours and seen by a boy under eight.

“Social media doesn’t sleep," G Squared director George Photios told B&T.

"Facebook’s most active time is between the hours of 10pm and midnight."

Photios said that these are the times when damaging comments can be made on a company's profile, offending its customers, sometimes seeing them band together to all simultaneously unlike the page. 

The agency aims to deliver the new service for a relatively cheap cost, planning to have one overnight manager working across three or four clients and charge in eight hour blocks. The expected challenges though, are being unable to contact the client to confirm how to respond when an issue arises.

“If there’s an issue posted that can’t be instantly addressed, we will at least be able to respond that the right person has been informed and that they will address it first thing in the morning.”

Photois told B&T there has been interest in the service but no clients yet to sign up, buthe believes that all-hours social media management will become a norm within five to 10 years.

“Just like journalism and media is manned 24/7, I think as we realise how public and influential the profiles are, we will soon see social media being managed in the same way ,” Photios said.

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