The Human Walking Program

The Human Walking Program

GPY&R has turned the dog adoption process on its head with a campaign that says it is the canines that do the rescuing, not the humans.

Full release:

“A cramped little space. Only a phone cord to play with. Very little daylight. Stressed, anxious and ignored. Office workers suffer in silence every day in their cubicles.

GPY&R Melbourne have created a new adoption campaign for The Lost Dogs home where the dogs do the rescuing – The Human Walking Program.

The Human Walking Program has been designed to help desk-bound office workers break the shackles of sedentary corporate life by introducing them to a friendly adoption dog for a quick lunchtime walk or pat. The inaugural event will be held in the Flagstaff Gardens, Friday 4th April from 11am ‘til 2pm.

Dogs up for adoption will be at the event, with information and advice provided by the Lost Dogs Home staff and volunteers on the day.

The Lost Dogs Home Human Walking Program will be supported by press, outdoor, radio and digital as well as public relations from PPR, with the view to becoming an annual event.”

Credits: Client: The Lost Dogs Home Product: The Human Walking Program Agency: GPY&R Melbourne PR: PPR Chief Creative Officer: Ben Coulson Creative Director: Evan Roberts Art Director: Jake Barrow Copywriter: Katie Britton, Matt Lawson DP/Editor: Tom Marley Senior Digital Account Manager: Daniel Smith  Account Executive: Tristan Rennick Senior Account Manager: Katy Greening PR: Gareth Beck, Tegan Dunne Photography: Thom Rigney Producers: Katherine Muir, Luisa Peters Production: Elise Trenorden Studio and Design: Caleb de Gabriel, Gerry Matthee, Yancy Murillo

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